XS (episode 5)


… “that was great” Sarah said letting out a sigh, her face depicted satisfaction, “I guess we made up for the years we were apart” she continued placing her head on my chest as I stroke her hair gently. This will be the first time Sarah and I will ever have sex, we abstained from sex during our high school days with the promise that we’ll be together in the future. God must have forgiven me, after what has happened in the past few weeks which ended with me breaking someone’s engagement then meeting the only girl I have ever loved truly thereafter was all I could think of, my emotions were mixed as I feel sorry for Funmi and at the same time happy I found Sarah immediately after the incident. “you should answer your call” Sarah said leaving me alone in bed and making way to the bathroom, I searched for my phone through my pocket, “fifteen missed calls!” I exclaimed, “why on earth will Victor be calling me this early” I queried, my phone began ringing almost immediately, “why u go dey call me this early” I queried as I answered the call, “Check your time” Victor answered with a hiss to follow up, “where are you?” He asked, I could feel the urgency in his voice, “I dey Club X lodge, wetin happen?” I replied a bit worried, “just dey come studio and no answer any question from anyone” he commanded, “I dey come now” I replied… “What’s wrong?” Sarah asked as she stepped out of he bathroom, ” I have no idea” I replied almost running into the bathroom, I washed my face hurriedly, “I’ll be there by 12 noon” Sarah said as she dropped the call and went back to dressing, “you have an appointment?” I asked as I hurriedly got into my clothes, “I’m sorry I made you late” I apologized as I headed for the door, “I don’t have an appointment, just going to pick my husband at the airport” she replied with a low tone, “Oh No!!!” I cried out, “you are married” I replied with a tone showing my disappointment, “I’m sorry…” I slammed the door behind me before she finished whatever she had to say…



“There’s fire on the mountain” Victor said as we headed towards the conference room, “where have you been?” Dorcas asked as she popped out of nowhere, “hope Victor has briefed you, I have called Adonis” she continued, Adonis is my lawyer, now my panic mode was activated, ” what happened?” I asked Victor, “Chrizzy is suing you for default in payment of royalty for the sum of fifty million naira for your album” he replied, Chrizzy is a producer I worked with on my first album, he produced nine and co-wrote five songs on the album, Chrizzy actually is loyal to DJ Jammup. “Wale we’ve been waiting for you all morning” Chima said, Chima is my label boss, “Play that song” Chima ordered, the song was a diss song by Dj jammup against me.

“… That’s going to be our defense in court if he doesn’t settle for settlement” Adonis said with confidence, the record label being the second respondent also had a lawyer present, the two lawyers would have their chambers work together on this case. ” What am I supposed to do now?” I asked Dorcas “you are going back to the studio to finish your second album” she replied.

What a long day I had, reflecting on what happened in the day as I walked out of the bathroom after a long bath, from the revelation of Sarah being married to the lawsuit from Chrizzy to the diss song by DJ jammup. Sarah has been calling all day which I have refused to answer, I picked my phone and dialed Funmi’s number “hey” Funmi replied, I was surprised she answered the call, ” hey” I replied, we had a long conversation in which I apologized for my involvement in ending her engagement, she accepted the apology,” … We’ll talk later I have to get somewhere before it’s too late” she said. This is the only good thing that has happened to me today I said to myself as I got off the phone with Funmi…

Brrrrr phone began ringing, I was fast asleep on the couch, I thought I turned off my mobile phone to avoid Sarah’s calls. It’s Funmi calling ” hello” I answered reluctantly as I wanted to get back to sleep, “I don’t know who else to call, help me…” She said and hung up before I could ask any question, my phone picked her location showing she was at G.R.A. Ikeja, I became a detective, then it struck me Laura lives there, I left for my car and drove to Laura’s house. I walked into the apartment, alas I found Laura’s body on the ground in the pool of her own blood, but Funmi was nowhere in sight, I picked my phone and dialed Victor as I was scared and had no idea on what to do…

“That’s all I can remember officer” I concluded, as I tried to find comfort on the bed I lay, my head was hurting, “hey, the doctor said you’ll be fine” Dorcas whispered to me, “we are glad to inform you we found Funmi and she is in custody” the officer said…


Funmi’s testimony on the next episode of XS…


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