XS (episode 4)


It’s been three weeks since the incident, was expecting Funmi’s call as she had told me not to call her… I dropped a single at the beginning of this week titled “NOT GUILTY AS CHARGED” the song addressed the issue, and this will be my first response to questions that were being thrown at me about the incident, the song quickly rose to the top of the chart in four days.

Victor reminded me of one of Eazy E’s quote “every publicity is good publicity” Victor hasn’t stopped teasing me “you took one for the team bro” he said. “Have you heard from Funmi?” Dorcas asked, “no, I think she has changed her numbers” I replied, ” moreover she said she would call me when she is ready to speak with me” I said as I walked up and turned on the radio, tuned to Funmi’s radio station’s frequency, she was on air. “The trending song of the week is NOT GUILTY AS CHARGED by Wale” the voice from the radio said, which was actually Funmi’s, “enjoy the song as i sign out, have a lovely weekend, don’t drink and drive, drink responsibly and use condoms if you can’t abstain” She said as the song began to play. “She actually played that song on her show!” Victor said with surprise, as I was stunned myself. “hey get ready for your club appearance at Club X later tonight” Dorcas said, “see you boys tonight” she said as she walked out of the office.




“That was a nice performance, I didn’t even know you were going to perform, just thought you’ll only make an appearance” a  feminine voice said behind me, I turned around, ” please tell me I’m sleeping, because this should only happen in my dream” I said aloud as I hugged and carried her. This is Sarah my first girlfriend and first love, we dated back in secondary school, we were the best couple the school has ever seen. After our valedictory service she traveled out the next morning without saying goodbye and we lost contact ever since then.

“wow, you just showed up from nowhere same way you left without saying goodbye” I said as we broke the hug, how did you get to this side of the club getting past the security” I queried, she let out a smile and said “I am the new owner of this club”. ” I’m so sorry I hurt you, it wasn’t easy for me either, I didn’t have a choice, dad brought the ticket that night and we traveled in the morning” she explained, she sips from the glass she was holding as Victor walked in, “check out what’s trending on social networks” he said as he handed over his phone to me, “Victor, how are you doing” Sarah called waving at him, “Sarah! it’s you, babe you no try at all” Victor wasting no time accusing her, “my boy was left brokenhearted for weeks after you dumped him” he continued “it’s nice to see you though, you look more beautiful is than I remember” he added.

“is this for real?” I asked as I handed over the phone back to Victor, “what were you expecting?” Victor queried, D.j. Jamup just called off the engagement between himself and Funmi, “it’s all my fault” I said, “not entirely yours” Victor said with a grin “don’t beat yourself over what happened” he said as he took my drink from my hand and sipped it as he walked away leaving Sarah and me.

“I heard what happened, and I’m sorry that happened to Funmi and that you were the one involved” Sarah said as she tried to console me…



To be continued…

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