XS(episode 3)


It’s past nine in the morning, I was still in bed, as I drifted into sleep in the early hours of the morning after last night’s incidence as I couldn’t get sleep early, thinking of what Laura was going to do, what will happen when d.j. Jamup finds out what has happened. My phone started ringing this was when I noticed I was asleep, “hello” I said as I picked the call, “guy which kain publicity stunt be dis wey you dey do so wey you no let me know” the voice on the phone said, this was Victor calling, my childhood best friend who also acts as my PR person, “which stunt you dey talk about?” I asked “you and Funmi it’s all over the social media hope d.j. Jamup is aware sha” he said with a little disappointment in his voice thinking I pulled a stunt like that without letting him on it, “damn! Laura why?! I exclaimed, “baba no be publicity stunt the thing happen for real o” I continued, “na wa for you ooo” he said, “let me make some calls before this thing becomes a full blown scandal” he said as he hung up. I rushed to my computer to verify what Victor said, the trending topic on twitter was #walethesexualhealer. I began dialing Dorcas’ number but she wasn’t answering the call, I kept dialing as I made my way through the allay leading to the sitting room, my eyes caught a shinny object on the center table, which turned out to be Funmi’s engagement ring.

I called my contact at Funmi’s radio station as I couldn’t get to her, “Funmi don show for studio this morning” I inquired “she never come work today” the voice over the phone replied “Baba na true say…” I hung the call before he finished whatever he wanted to say. I took a hurried bath, made way into the garage, my gatekeeper walked up to me saying “boss plenty people with camera dey outside” he said, I don’t think he knows what happened I said to myself. I got in the car told him to open the gate as I drove out with speed, the paparazzi in front of the house scrambled to safety.

After 15 minutes drive I was at Funmi’s house, “who is it” the voice behind the door inquired as I knocked “it’s Wale” I replied as she opened the door “good morning, where is Funmi?” I asked Caro Funmi’s maid “she is in her room” she replied as she was trying to close the door ” I will tell her you are around” she said, words I heard as I made my way to the room myself, Caro seeing this left the house for an errand she has been sent earlier. “come in” Funmi said as I knocked she must have thought it was Caro, she startled when I walked in, “what the hell do you think you’re doing here?” She asked with a very angry tone “you of all people should know we shouldn’t be seen together” she continued “have you checked twitter this morning, have you read the blogs, have you seen the headlines in the entertainment world?” These are questions she was asking “I came to check how you’re doing” I replied ” I am sorry for what happened last night” I said before handing over the engagement ring she left at my place. She sat at the edge of the bed as she broke into tears “you should have let me go yesterday” she said in a subtle voice now, as she stared at the engagement ring, I walked closer to the bed and sat by her as I put my hands around her shoulder as she let go of herself and stayed in the comfort of my body still sobbing, my eyes paid attention to how smooth her thighs are, as they were visible due to what she was wearing, a bum short and a tank top, my mind started running wild now all I could think of is to continue from were stopped last night. “what should we do about this issue?” She asked but I was paying no attention to the words she was saying as my hand was now caressing one of her thighs and the other stroking her hair, “oh damn, she is in on this” I said to my self, I was right as we both moved our head so our lips could meet, there it was, the kiss from her was passionate, as she made me lay on my back with her above me. She searched for my belt buckle with her hands without letting go of my lips, in a very swift move she pulled off her top, as she was off me now, she pulled  off her shorts as I got rid of my trousers, she pushed me back to the bed and started kissing me hungrily, she ripped off my body fit top as she kissed down my chest and she hurriedly made way for my pelvis, she made a choking sound, my brain was blown away as I was in pleasure island, heaved heavily as she crawled her way back on top of me as she made a connection between our pelvises, she guided me in gently by herself, she let out a moan as I went deep in her, her hands on my chest as she began to move her hips in a rhythmical way, faster she got as we moved in synchronization.

I could not but notice the pleasure in her eyes as her moans were getting louder and hips were going faster, she crashed into me breathing heavily, I wasn’t done yet she wasn’t either, she rolled over and lay on her stomach for few seconds, then she knelt down only now her elbows were also on the bed, I knew what’s next…

Something  like this on a bad day doesn’t come everytime, I said to myself as I opened the door to take my leave. “don’t call me, or bother checking up on me” Funmi said, as she walked up to the door and shut the door behind me as I left…


To be continued…

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