XS (episode 2)


… Dorcas one of my two best friends and also my manager, “kanji no let you see door lock” she said as she stepped out of the room, waiting outside the room for me to come out, “I don tell you say make you no dey smoke inside this place you no dey hear” I said aloud as I frantically searched for my boxers, as I came out and closed the door behind me “wetin you dey find?” I asked “who b d girl wey dey inside sef?” she asked, I declined to answer as I made a gesture showing her to make her way to the living room “someone wants to talk with you and she is waiting in the living room” she continued as we both made our way to the living room, my heart thumped as I saw Laura, an event promoter and the younger sister to d.j. Jamup “sorry for disturbing as I can see you have one of these sluts in your room” she said with a smile of disgust. Dorcas obviously doesn’t know who was in my bed left in a hurry as she was late for an appointment with a sponsor for my upcoming tour.

Funmi a radio presenter I met for the first time in person a month ago at Music Festival Awards (MFA) nomination party, “nice performance out there and congratulations on your nominations” she said with a broad smile, all I saw was the beauty standing in front of me and it took me a while to get myself together “thank you very much Funmi” I replied “at least you will finally invite me to your show” I continued, “I’m so sorry if you feel I haven’t invited you to my show for any reason you have in mind” she replied “there is a routine I follow” she explained “no problem, I was just pulling your legs” I said “can I have your number? I will find a way get you on the show very soon” she said, we exchanged contacts “it is nice to finally meet the famous Funmi of Music Drive in person” I said. “Everybody listen up” this is d.j. Jamup Funmi’s boyfriend speaking on stage “I am sorry to call everyone’s attention the way I did” he said in an apologetic tone, “I have a special announcement to make” he continued as he jumped off the stage with the spotlight on him. He walked towards where Funmi and I were standing as SCAPE GOAT by D’banj played at the background, I had no personal relationship with d.j. Jamup except the fact I respect him as  big figure in the music industry so I knew he wasn’t coming for me as he got closer and saying some words which I was paying little attention to only has he got to Funmi’s front and popped the big question a man asks a woman “Funmi if it would please you, I want to spend the rest of my life with you” he said as he went down on one knee exposing the diamond ring he had in the ring box he had in his hand “will you marry me?” he asked as the music in the background changed to I WANT TO BE WITH YOU  which happens to be the number one song on the music chart, “na your song dem dey use propose to Funmi” Victor whispers in my ear. “YES I WANT TO BE WITH YOU ALSO” Funmi responded with tears rolling down her eyes and everyone around clapping and cheering loudly as d.j. Jamup put the ring on her finger and both kissed passionately.

This event was playing in my head as I kept praying for Laura to leave, but she kept on showing me plans she had in place for my upcoming tour, I heard footsteps coming through the allay as Laura as spent over 20 minutes here, I quickly stood up and met Funmi before she entered the living room “you can’t leave yet, Laura is right in the living room” I said. “how well do you know my brother’s fiancée” Laura inquired as I walked right out “just as every other artiste” I said “why do you ask?” I inquired “nothing, just the way you guys spoke on the radio the other day” she said.

I was a guest on Funmi’s music drive show two weeks ago, our chats prior to my appearance on her show was like two old time friends getting to meet each other again after a while, in no time we knew a lot about each other, I found myself falling for her and I could feel she was also falling for me…

“I guess that bra belongs to the girl inside your room” she said, “and that’s a nice bag she has there” she continued as she admired Funmi’s bag which was centimeters away from her  “Funmi will definitely be of great help in advertising your tour on her show” she said as she reached for her purse and grabbed her phone and dialed “I am calling Funmi to see how she could be of help”, Funmi’s phone started ringing on the chair Laura was sitting on, she took the phone “your phone is ringing” she said as I walked over to collect the phone from her in haste I mistakenly kicked the bag and the contents of Funmi’s bag all came pouring out, “Oh my God!!!” Laura screamed as she picked up Funmi’s I.D card which was visible…


To be continued

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