Guns n Roses (religion)

guns and roses..


At birth, I was given religion a gift I never asked for, to live a righteous life this gift I must use, so I was told, my religion I was taught is true, my neighbor of a different religion is on a crash course, this I have been made to see.

You can’t marry him, her parents said, can’t you see he is not one of us, his beliefs are not ours, he is not of the true religion he will take you to darkness.

I am a cleric, I teach peace and unity, still I must let my congregations know other religions are false and misleading.

All these we do to make our religion more supreme than our neighbors’, we lose ourselves in this act, we forget we are one human race, disparity we cast without even knowing, hate is on the rise, religious matter builds tension, we are divided by what we think holds us together, peace and harmony we say our religion stands for, the opposite it says in our actions.

I sat and asked myself which religion does God belong to, and I saw clearly that God is true and He is of no religion…



By: Olatunji O.S.


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