xs (episode 1)


At the door she stood, fondling her left hand over the door knob, she was leaving I could almost hear her praying the door lose it hinges so she could leave immediately, at last the door opens. Her name is Funmi a 29 years old OAP on one of the nation’s biggest radio station and the host of the popular radio show Music Drive. She is of average height with a body of an hourglass.

She turns to say goodbye, I could have sworn that her eyes were saying something different as I stared at her from where I was standing. Her lips with the red lipstick opens slightly but words weren’t coming out, all she could do was wave to send her message across. “You don’t have to go”, I said, as she was exiting the door, she stopped and turned around ” I can’t do this” she said with her tiny sweet voice which has become sweeter with the shaky tone “he’s a good person” she continued, her voice starts getting faint as I walked closer, her breath getting louder.  James a very famous disc jockey popularly known as d.j. jamup, he is also the C.E.O of Jamusic a frontline record label, he is Funmi’s fiance and their relationship is one of the famous celebrity relationships.

I stretched my left hand to hold her right hand which she gave in freely, I was almost carried away with the texture of her palm, soft and sweaty it was, pulled her closer as I shut the door, “stay here with me tonight” I said. I am Wale a 26 years old singer and rapper, 6ft2inches tall, who burst into stardom by doing a cover to a very popular classic song on which success I have built my career, my album is the top album in the country with four top ten singles on the official music chart. Her back on the door and her lips slightly apart but no response coming forth. I leaned forward and kissed her a little objection from her as she kissed back reluctantly for about 20 seconds then she broke the kiss please let me go she said, I gave no response as I leaned in and kissed her again this time no objection as she kissed back softly.

Intense the kiss got as we try finding our way to the couch without letting go. The journey to the couch seemed like forever as we finally got there. We broke the kiss all I could see in her eyes was pleasure and joy filled my heart. She assisted me in getting her out of her clothes, I quickly took the stereo remote to play any random song, sexual healing by Marvin Gaye was the song that played. The gods are in support was all I said to myself, because the cover I did to this song is the bedrock a year ago is the bedrock of my success as a musician. The song playing very loud from the stereo as we made our way to the bedroom, she kissed me hungrily as she almost ripped my clothes off my body, I proceeded by kissing her on the neck a soft moan she let out as she was almost completely naked if not for the G-string pants she had on.

She lay on the bed with me right above her, I went further giving her pleasure with my mouth as I was gradually going south on her in no time I was at her navel but my hands exploring every other parts of her body. I removed the G-string slowly as I went south on her with my mouth her hips bucked as she wrapped her legs around my head in no time she squirted. Her pupils were dilated like she was high on ecstasy as I went back up, kissed her and gave a deep thrust which made her arched her back.

Wale! Wale!! My name I heard faintly which I ignored because Funmi has been saying my name all through, Funmi moans getting louder which means she was getting to climax I increased my pace, Wale!!! My name I heard clearly now as the door opened, Dorcas! I exclaimed with a shock…


To be continued



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